This is a placeholder for an old project I intended to pursue during grad school. It is kept only for historical purposes. You mail me via the domain name of this site (minus the dot org) at gmail dot com.
Future work will be under the title of the InfoCentral Project here

Site Launch!

March 27, 2009

The wiki and forum are now up and running. The essays detailing my vision for this project are currently in progress. Content will begin appearing rapidly in the coming weeks. I'll also try to get an RSS feed up at some point soon, both for site news and my personal blog.

Pitt CS Day 2009

March 27, 2009

CS Day Poster
CS Day 2009 Poster

For University of Pittsburgh's Computer Science Day 2009, I created a poster introducing this project. I've transposed the content of the poster into web format. If we were already using the futuristic software architecture I propose, you could have automatically mashed the poster content into whatever form your current information device is best suited for. But since we're not there yet, check out the manually created web version! :-)